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A vision of One Heart Sound

Welcome to the field where Music brings us together
as the language of One Heart!

To grow into an open space where we serve something bigger than each of us is, to be of service to the Greatness that we could experience together.
To become a platform of collective creativity where individual gifts blend into a wholesome artistic co-creation.
To contribute to the well-being of all through artistic expression by cultivating the values of all-inclusiveness, loving-kindness, compassion, pure love, and healing.
To encourage a shift in the music industry and move towards maintaining the authenticity of art and music through improvisation and spontaneous creation.

One Heart Sound – Music for the hearts of all

Our human life on the Earth, regardless the individual experiences, is still and foremost of a shared nature. Each creation has countless heartbeats within itself.

It doesn’t matter if an artist takes credit for the art in the 3D reality. If he or she is truly honest, it could be acknowledged that every creation is an outcome of countless beings participating in it, visible or invisible.

Music or any other industry, when placed on a mass-production scale, may inevitably lose its authenticity. Obviously, the music industry went through a change over the decades, a transformation from being Spirit Music to being calculated and adapted to certain standards or formulas. It could still be a wonderful song, a film, or a book; however, life isn’t a prescribed blueprint. It is an ongoing improvisation.

I’ve known a formula since I was a child playing classical pieces on a guitar.
Was it an individual experience? Not entirely. At that time, I had a great teacher guiding my way. After taking a long ten years break from playing, I started exploring life, which I keep exploring and always will. Later, playing on the streets of the world for about a decade, I did not need any formula. I rather listened to an impulse of a heartbeat around and most importantly within myself. Since then, solo performances have continued hand in hand with a variety of collaborations.

We cannot exactly know what everyone explores in their lifetime, I can only speak for myself. What drives me, inspires, and leads to every spontaneous co-creation is a Heart that knows the Truth and says: “this could be beautiful” or “this has a potential” to bridge cultures, races, sounds, colours and languages into one unified Field.
A field that feeds us all while it is calling us to come back Home. Not for any other purpose but for unified divine Love, harmony, and creative evolution.

The music label, “One Heart Sound” is about us all. It encourages our creative individuality while deepening Oneness, which we can finally allow ourselves to experience, for the benefit of life and pure love, light and healing, and the wellbeing of all.

Estas Tonne

Everything is music. Everything has a sound. Every object has a vibration. We just call it music or vibration or resonance. In that sense, I am music, just as you are and that music brought us together.

© ONE HEART SOUND | populated by Geri Dagys www.abu2.com